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Remembering Dakota Crescent

Remembering Dakota Crescent

Dakota Crescent. Residents have moved out of the estate since the end of 2016. Except for the first floors which are sealed, the neighbourhood largely remains unchanged, with even the grass well-trimmed.

I was photographing the estate when I chanced upon Mr Ng, 73, who used to live here. He was taking a walk, reminiscing the life which he spent almost 6 decades here. A passing shower gave me more opportunity to hear from him as we took shelter at the void deck.

Sneak peek of the Changi Airport Terminal 4!

I had the opportunity to enter Changi Airport Terminal 4 before it was open to public as I was assigned to photograph one of the lounges in the transit area last week. However, I signed up for the open house as I wanted to wait till most of the structures are completed or at least near completion so that I can get a better experience of what the terminal can offer.

You can expect no less than world class standards at Changi Airport, and once again, they delivered a world class terminal that I'm sure Singaporeans will be proud to call their own. Below are some of the photos I took during the open house. Thanks for dropping by!