Remembering Dakota Crescent

Dakota Crescent. Residents have moved out of the estate since the end of 2016. Except for the first floors which are sealed, the neighbourhood largely remains unchanged, with even the grass well-trimmed.

I was photographing the estate when I chanced upon Mr Ng, 73, who used to live here. He was taking a walk, reminiscing the life which he spent almost 6 decades here. A passing shower gave me more opportunity to hear from him as we took shelter at the void deck.

He was clearly eager to share; telling me how the main road used to be a airport runway, that block 8 was demolished as the building was starting to tilt, to the many memories he had growing up here. Our conversation continued even after the rain stopped, as he brought me around the estate telling me about the history of each building while I took pictures.

I'm thankful for this chanced encounter with Mr Ng, which gave me so much more understanding and insights to what it's like living in Dakota Crescent. At the end of day, even though we felt that it's a pity that this estate will make way for new development, we also understand that in a small and rapidly developing country like Singapore, changes are constant and inevitable.

I'm sure there are more memories to be shared and I hope these pictures were able to capture a small part of those memories.